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    What is PETG or PET card?

    Author:admin   Posted :2011-06-09   Read:6692

    What is PETG or PET card?

    PETG is known as glycolised polyester (PET). The "G" means glycol modifiers which are incorporated in order to minimize brittleness and premature aging that may occur if unmodified polyester is used in the production of cards. However, currently PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is still the major card body material on the market.  

    Due to the following reasons, PETG card will gradually replace PVC card.
    1. PETG is a material that can be recycled, causing no pollution to the environment.
    2. PETG card is easy for printing with strong thermal stability.
    3. PETG material has a wide range of tailor-made specifications, for example, high Vicat PETG card
        could work on the temperature of 90 degree in Celsius so the card could be put inside the car.

    *VANDO is able to provide PETG proximity contactless smart cards and RFID tags with the following technologies: EM 4100, EM 4102, EM 4105, EM 4450, EM 4135, T5557, HITAG 1, HITAG 2, HITAG S, MIFARE 1K (MF1 IC S50), MIFARE 4K (MF1 IC S70), MIFARE ULTRA LIGHT (MF0 IC U10), MIFARE DESFIRE (MF3 IC D40), INFINEON MIFARE 1K (SLE 66R35), ATMEL AT88RF020, SR176 (ST), SRIX512, SRIX4K, I.CODE SLI (SL2 ICS20), Tag-it, LRI64, LRI512, LRI2K, SRF55V02P, SRF55V10P, SRF55V02S, LEGIC MIM256, MIM1024, FELICA, etc..

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